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The Peace Crusaders: Chapter 25

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Chapter 7:

Chapter 25

The next week a team of judges affiliated to the international court was transported blindfolded to the underground rocky hiding place in the mountain at 21,500 feet height by Victor’s special vehicle.

The judges were offered variety of welcome drinks on board. The drinks were laced with an entirely new formula of the magic potion specially prepared for the judges.

The panel of judges had already examined all the testimonies that were presented to them in the form of videos and audio recordings. Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti had sent them the video and audio recordings in the same manner that they had adopted in sending them to the media people all over the planet.

Later in an audio message sent to each judge they had requested the judges to conduct the necessary trials to decide the punishments of all the convicts. For this purpose they had briefed them by way of an audio message on how the judges would be transported to a place where the victims were imprisoned. Considering the seriousness of the series of extraordinary and far-reaching events that took place on the planet and the presence of very authentic proofs to substantiate the crimes of the convicts involved, the judges of the international court considered it their quintessential moral responsibility to take up the assignment as requested by Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti.

During the previous week they had also dispatched to the judges the entire proceedings of their June 1 meeting with the convicts as an additional testimony.

All the prisoners except Zahin were brought in front of the judges in the conference hall of the hideout.

None of the offenders could deny the charges leveled against them.

At the end of the trial the chief of the panel of judges pronounced the judgment that was in two parts:

 “Part 1: On examining the testimonies carefully and without prejudices we have come to certain conclusions. Each one of you is now declared the worst criminal of the humanity. This declaration is important for the knowledge of the citizens of our entire planet. For your untold heinous acts against the humanity you are being awarded death sentence. You will be put to sleep forever the soonest possible.

Part 2: All the billions and billions of unaccounted money that you have been wangling via your disgraceful underhand dealings of various descriptions and stashed in various banks and other financial dealings under your own name, names of your family members, relatives, friends and business associates, any kind of fictitious entities etc will be immediately confiscated. An exact assessment of this unimaginably large amount will be made within next three months. Retrieval of such large sums of money is expected to significantly bring down the tax burden of the people. The entire money will be pooled up and used for the upliftment of the citizens of our planet by creating job opportunities, imparting education to all at affordable expenses, providing cheap medical care to everyone, and making available the essentials of life at reasonable rates.”

The court was dismissed after announcing the judgment.

The judgment was followed by drinks and dinner served to the convicts in their own cells. All the food items were garnished with an appropriate quantity of a new formula of the magic portion capable of inducing painless and instant death. Within a few minutes of consuming the food each convict fell down on floor to breathe his last.

The same panel of judges tried Zahin separately. He was also punished. He was asked to be jailed in a normal jail of Seher for a period of ten years. During this period he would be asked to carry out special humanitarian projects in Seher as well as in the countries where necessary. After this period he would be freed and treated like any other citizen of the planet.

All the proceedings of the trials were meticulously video recorded for documentation as the basis to inform the citizens of the planet by the concerned official agencies as well as by the media.

After the judges’ assignment was over they were transported back blindfolded in the same special vehicle in which they were brought in.

The impact of the magical potion that was administered to them in the flight started showing and when they woke up the next day in their respective homes they had forgotten about the entire episode. Yet their selectively retained memory could still confirm their participation in the conduct of the trials and their judgments. Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti thought this as an important aspect.

Helen, Uttam, Babu, Minmin, and the secretary of Zintun volunteered to sip adequate quantity of yet another formula of the magic potion that cleared all their memory of the places, people, and events associated with the disappearance acts. They didn’t want to share any of those secrets with anyone on the planet. 

The concerned official agencies and the media were given the videotape of the trials and judgments. They shared it with the public of the planet in the most transparent manner without any editing.

In the ensuing days and months, many more corrupt politicians, corporate czars, and terrorists as well as their cronies who were involved in planning wars, terror, and other cruel acts on humanity also disappeared mysteriously.

The ongoing disappearance shook the remaining corrupt lot with an unknown creepy fear. As a result they started distancing themselves from the criminal acts. Finally they had no alternative but to stop their crimes. Many of them even committed suicides out of fear and others did it out of shame.

The public of planet Berth had witnessed the true colors of many of their so-called leaders in political, bureaucratic, and corporate world on which they relied heavily so far. The citizens of planet Berth learnt to socially and professionally boycott these kinds of enemies of humanity.

One more significant development took place in all the countries of the planet Berth. The job vacancies in the militaries of almost all the countries went abegging. Despite quite attractive salaries and perquisite being offered by the militaries to attract the candidates, no one was willing to join the army, navy, and air force.

Therefore the new governments and the civil societies of almost all the countries thought of using their existing military personnel in human welfare projects.

Even the terrorists and extremists organizations could not attract any new recruits anymore. Their existing members deserted them by large numbers and finally they had no followers. The so-called leaders of terrorist organizations were taken in the custody of law, some of them surrendered themselves for legitimate punishments. Some of them committed suicides.

The armament designing, manufacturing and marketing companies closed down gradually. They stopped getting the orders for their products. Continuance of these companies was not feasible any longer. Many of these companies diversified into products and services of peaceful nature and retained their employees.

The employees who lost the jobs sought employment elsewhere with some help from the governments, the corporate sector and various civic societies.

With the billions that Amar and Victor had, they started a company that would deal in two domains- first one: electronics, computers and communication, and second: automobiles and aeronautics. They appointed Shakti and Adarsh as their CEOs respectively. Their company provided employment to some 10,000 persons in the first phase. The salaries of the CEOs were only six times the salaries of the lowest paid employees. Every employee including the CEOs was entitled for profit sharing based on his or her merit and contribution to the company. In the very first year of its operation the company did very well and so awarded cars, houses, education fund, and jewelry as rewards to its 2,500 deserving employees. The subsequent years profits were still better and everyone in the company shared more and more.

Learning about all round benefits of this model of running a corporate company many other companies started adopting the same model and profited. The distinction between the people of 1% club and those of 99% club started getting obliterated systematically and gradually.

A sizable number of conscientious and peace loving people of high value structure had already come forward to support the human society in the best possible ways in almost all the countries of planet Berth. They started volunteering themselves to offer their services through various government organizations, NGOs, research centers, corporate bodies, educational institutes etc.

The wars and inhuman activities came to an end on planet Berth. The peace triumphed.

Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti continued working relentlessly. They sustained forever their crusade to maintain peace on planet Berth. Their identity remained intact and unknown to the people of planet Berth. Many berthlings thought that creation and maintenance of peace on their planet was a godly act. Many others thought some human messiahs of noblest character and super powers were behind it.

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The Peace Crusaders: Chapter 24

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Chapter 7:

Chapter 24

June 1.

A month passed after the colossal disappearance saga. 

The so called high profile personalities of the entire planet Berth but in reality the dishonorable goons were now reduced to ordinary prisoners. Most of them did not know that their other criminal associates were also housed there.

Ultimately the day arrived when all of them would be brought together around the oval stony table in the conference hall.

One robot was assigned to one prisoner. The robots blindfolded their subjects and transported them to the conference hall from their respective cells.

A metallic voice on a loudspeaker commanded the convicts, “Sit down.”

They obeyed. All of them were subdued due to the constant impact of the punishing environment they were in for the past month. The magic potion also played its part.

After a few minutes of wait another metallic voice reverberated on the loudspeaker. This time the command was for the robots. It said, “Open the blindfolds of your subjects and stand by for further instructions.”

Robots promptly did what they were told.

A shockwave ran through the spines of all the attendees of the conference. Each one was dumbfounded to find the others in the hall. Their mouths remained agape and the eyes dilated for quite a while. But no one spoke with each other. By now each one roughly knew why he was here and others were here too.

Four chairs remained empty. In next few seconds Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti occupied them.

“Welcome…how should I address you guys? I’m confused gentlemen or something else? But definitely you aren’t gentlemen. So?” Amar kick-started the meeting.

Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti smiled. No one else in the hall reacted. They didn’t like the humor.

“Now please introduce yourselves to the entire assembly,” Victor asked the gathering. “The twins, you start.”

The twins looked the most tired and downcast among the entire lot assembled there. They had spent a much longer period in this isolation. They mumbled in weak voices.

“I am Merciles. CEO of Technowiz.”

“I am Willy. Also CEO of Technowiz.”

“First of all make it ex-CEO. You are already fired from CEO position. But tell everyone here why you have been confined here?” Adarsh asked.

“Because we fired these two for their acts of industrial espionage and piracy.” Merciles indicated toward Amar and Victor. He didn’t remember their names. It suited Amar and Victor.

“Twins, do not fool us. You two are in fact the masters of piracy, not them. You very well know that with your little brains you can only get some little teeny-weeny kinky idea of frivolity. But you can’t get the real seminal ones like these two did or your many other brilliant employees can do. So, you guys stole their money spinning ideas and then threw both of them out of your company. You treat other employees too more or less the same way. Your highly talented employees work hard and sincerely for you. If you boast that you have deployed some of your money in the company, they are entitled to boast more than you for applying their brains and intelligence that are far better than yours and far more important then the money you invest. They design, develop, and manufacture the top-class products needed by the human society. And what you do then? You steal and file their brilliant ideas as the patents under your own names and then you fire many of them. Those who stay back in the company with you because of their certain compulsions, you pay them pittance. You draw your own salaries and profits in millions and billions, many thousand times what you pay to these highly deserving employees. You had been simply exploiting their helplessness. Do you now understand why you have been jailed here?” Adarsh said.

The entire assembly remained frozen.

Shakti then turned to Zintun. He beckoned him, “Hey, you…yes Zintun I’m speaking to you. Your turn now.”

“You lesser people, don’t act smart with me. You don’t know my reputation. I have become the prime minister of the powerful nation Chinhut not for nothing. I’ve killed thousands of people like you,” Zintun shouted in frustration.

“Calm down Zintun. You are a nobody now. Your party, special army, and other governmental agencies do not want you in Chinhut. They have already appointed your successor- a cleaner person. They also think that for your evil acts God has punished you by making you vanish.”

Then Shakti paused for while to provide one general piece of information to the attendees.

“OK, at this stage of my talk let me acquaint all of you with one piece of important information. All of you have lost your jobs and in your place new persons have been at least provisionally appointed. In general 99% people of planet Berth have cheered the massive disappearance act effected by the God,” said Shakti. “Well, coming back to you Zintun, tell everyone what dirty acts of yours brought you in this cave.”

“Who are you to ask?” Zintun wanted to say something more but he developed a severe pain in his groin. That made him shut up. He moaned. That attracted everyone’s attention.

Shakti clarified why Zintun was moaning, “Zintun is having pain in his groin because lately he was castrated by the women of his country whom he had been sexually abusing for past many years. While that may be construed as one reason for him to be in this jail, there are several other charges against him that are equally serious.”

To this Lobhilal shouted enthusiastically, “Yes, this bugger is the worst known expansionist. He threatened me to wage a war on my country to snatch a big piece of a disputed land on our border. For your info I’m Lobhilal, ex-prime minister of Desh.”

“And Lobhilal, you greedy insect, you were willing to trade that piece of land by losing the war in exchange of a hefty sum of money from me and a sizable partnership in the projects that I planned to implement by developing that property,” countercharged Zintun.

“We are glad all your devious transactions are out in the open. For once both of you are speaking stark truth. Those are the reasons why both of you have been punished,” said Shakti.

“And let me add one more fact. What Zintun just revealed is the reason why ex-chief of armed forces of Desh, the perennial partner of Lobhilal in all the shady deals, is also present here,” Amar clarified.

Amar asked the chief of the armed forces of Desh to raise his hand to identify himself to the gathering. He obeyed without a whimper.

Amar went on to say, “Zintun, you are also in collusion with the ex-president of Unon, your friend Korruptkin to promote wars and increase the manufacture and sale of all kinds of dangerous armaments and other paraphernalia like warships, fighter interceptor planes etc to a large number of countries of our planet. You two had recently organized a massive conference of CEOs of armament companies of Chinhut and Unon to chalk out your strategies in this regard. Those CEOs too are in the process of being hauled up here. They will also be put on trial alongside you guys.”

Korruptkin in the mean time raised his hand and said, “The person this gentleman is referring is me.”

Gushnell couldn’t stop reacting. Addressing Korruptkin Gushnell blurted out. “What was just informed to us is a news to me, Korruptkin. You kept the whole affair of the conference a secret you cheat! It means you and Zintun have been lobbying against me to become the sole suppliers of the weaponry by leaving me out of this business. You two wanted to monopolize this most profitable business. You wanted to pocket all the loot for yourselves. It’s just not fair.”

“It’s interesting to see yesterday’s chums becoming foes today,” observed Adarsh.

On hearing Gushnell’s charges Korruptkin flared up and shouted, “And won’t you tell the gathering here that you played the meanest conspiracy against me by installing Uttam, the activist of Lohab gas leakage as my personal bodyguard. To deceive me further you even arranged the plastic surgery of his face and presented him to me as Balwan- a changed name. A real estate businessman of Nuplace by name Vicky told me all this just a couple of days back right in this dungeon.”

Gushnell got a shock of his life by this revelation. He said, “Oh my God! My own man sitting there and presiding this meeting stabbed me in my back. Korruptkin, I was not a party in installing Uttam as Balwan. He had recommended him to me. Ask him.” He seemed to have forgotten his own personal bodyguard’s name under the influence of the potion. He showed his finger toward Adarsh.

“Yes it’s all true,” Adarsh confirmed.

“This Uttam made a fool of all of us- me, Hardnuts my ex- CEO of Universal Chemicals, the one sitting over here to my right and Nuplace’s ex-president Darpok, the one at the far extreme left of me. He got our signatures on the gunpoint and walked away with the gas leakage compensation money- a daylight dacoity,” said Korruptkin theatrically.

His own devastating emotions exhausted Korruptkin. He retired in his seating place looking like a dead man.

Adarsh asked them to cut short their mudslinging. The culprits were deliberately provoked to point the finger at each other and in the process come out naked with their vilest past. Having achieved this objective Adarsh ordered, “Now stop that nonsensical drama, Korruptkin. That’s why Darpok and Hardnuts are also here. Now let us proceed with the remaining items of deliberations. We will now fill you up with the rest of the stories why some more guys are also here.”

Amar took over from Adarsh and spoke, “Each of you will identify yourselves by raising your hands as I go on unraveling your murky deeds. Lobhilal of Desh and Hayan of Pashan- the neighboring country- have been engaging their armed forces and indirectly their civilians in a perennial war that’s going on for donkey’s years. Lately Lobhilal and his ex-chief of armed forces were even trying to negotiate purchase of arms for this war from Gushnell expecting huge kickbacks. Interestingly Gushnell also sells similar weapons to Desh’s staunch rival Pashan. Both Desh and Pashan, adversaries of each other, get the weapons from the same source i.e. Gushnell’s Bigland and in turn Bigland makes tons of money by selling products that kill the human race in bulk. In addition as informed sometime earlier in this meeting Lobhilal, for his personal profits, was willing to accept a war on his country Desh proposed by Zintun. What a great patriot at a prime ministerial level! Had that war really taken place it would have also resulted in significant bloodshed.”

Then Amar saw that the robots were bringing in six persons in the conference hall. The robots had already arranged six extra chairs and escorted these new arrivals to the oval table.

Amar addressed the gathering, “You can now welcome our new guests, the late arrivals to this event.” Then he gestured at Adarsh and requested, “I will request you to introduce them to the gathering. Please take over.”

Adarsh narrated the story, “Of these six, the first three are the persons who falsely implicated Sharifyar with racial charges against him. He was then studying in Bigland- a brilliant scholar full with ideals. His institute’s director didn’t support him a bit. So Sharifyar was jailed, tried in the court and punished. Finally he was deported from Bigland. The jailor of the jail of Bigland where he was put behind the bars, the judge of the court of Bigland where he was put on trial, and the director of the institute of Bigland where he studied are the next three persons.”

Adarsh then asked the six of them to stand up and introduce themselves to the audience, which they did.

Adarsh then continued his narration, “All the six of them are racists and they embrace Hennothenic faith. They hate the persons belonging to Eggothenic faith. Sharifyar is Eggothenic and so he became their target. This incident of injustice turned Sharifyar’s life topsy-turvy. He became an Eggothenic fundamentalist and vowed to finish everyone who belonged to Hennothenic faith. The result was he schemed to topple the ex-king Maramar of Seher with Gushnell’s help by fighting a war against Maramar, become supremo of Seher and then terrorize the people in Bigland, Unon, and every other country where Hennothenic people resided. Being the supremo of Seher he could use all the state’s resources legitimately. As a preparatory practice drill he even bombed many places in Bigland and Unon well before he took over as the supremo. Though Sharifyar was a good man, the racist people of this planet made him a bad man too. He has now become an extremist and cannot change for better; he is so full of hatred. These six people and Sharifyar need to be punished and therefore they are all here.”

Victor summarized, “Now all of you know each other’s ghastliest character, thinking, and acts. That’s why all of you have been locked up here. This place is absolutely impregnable. So don’t even dream of escaping from here. Soon we are arranging to hold an international court here. A team of international judges will be stationed here to hear and see the audio and video recordings of all of your conversations and actions of past few years. And after due trial your punishment will be announced. Any questions?"

Gushnell raised his hand and said, “I have a question. I was in Lobhilal’s hut that evening and during the initial stage of the party I got blanked out. When I woke up I was here. How this miracle took place? Who did it?”

Victor replied, “Uttam with his knowledge of preparation of chemicals was a big help in creating a special liquid called “potion”, some of our associates also call it “magic potion”. Babu the headwaiter managed to dispense that magic potion to you and other participants of that party except your wife Helen. Helen was in league with Babu. She hates for your adulterous behavior involving your lady secretary. On consuming the magic potion in your drinks all of you became unconscious. We have developed a special vehicle made with the use of the most powerful jeep that Zintun used to own and the two most powerful motorbikes that the twins used to own. Within no time, Lobhilal, his ex-chief of armed forces, and Hayan were transported using that multipurpose on demand configurable vehicle capable of running at supersonic and hypersonic speeds on land, water and in air.”

Gushnell was also curious to know how others were brought in. He inquired, “How about others?”

Victor replied, “The modus operandi was the same at every venue of disappearance act i.e. to make the subjects consume the magic potion in their drinks, make them unconscious, and transport them in our specially configured vehicles. By the way our vehicles can also be maneuvered driverless.”

Gushnell enquired, “Who administered the magic potion at each venue?”

Victor replied, “In case of Zintun, his own lady secretary and a lady called Minmin both victims of Zintun’s sexual advances did the job at the time when Zintun was engaged in an orgy with multiple women in his private villa. One of us was stationed outside the villa. As soon as he heard the shriek of Zintun he knew that the girls had castrated him. He soon made arrangements to transport Zintun here. In case of Maramar, Sharifyar, and Zahin, Zahin’s wife did it in an official meeting in Zahin’s house. Zahin’s wife agreed to do it because her husband was in it. Zahin is in repentance state of mind and he requested his wife to cooperate with us. The international court will try Zahin along with you guys here but he is likely to be released from here with some specific conditions.”

“What about Korruptkin, Hardnuts, and Darpok?” Gushnell curiosity remained intact.

Again Victor replied, “The meeting to sell Universal Chemical’s plant of Lohab was arranged in the presidential villa in Unon. Uttam in the disguise of Balwan was present there as the personal bodyguard of Korruptkin. He administered the magic potion. Vicky was not given any magic potion.”

Korruptkin asked, “Why Vicky wasn’t given the magic potion?”

Victor replied, “Because I am Vicky. I presented myself to you guys in the disguise of Vicky. We had managed to design a website of Vicky’s company with Vicky’s name as its CEO. The disguised Vicky’s photograph was also displayed on the site. One of my friend’s office was used as Vicky’s office. So when you guys did a background check on Vicky everything about Vicky looked genuine to all of you. You were easily fooled.”

Korruptkin, Hardnuts, and Darpok looked at each other. They looked utterly baffled by Victor’s revelation.

“Hope, now everyone is satisfied with the explanations. On this note we will say goodbye to all of you,” Victor said.

Amar hurriedly added, “Hear this latest news before we say goodbye. I just received it on my communication device. The war between Isonia and Kasban over the claim of the disputed holy town has stopped totally. The militaries of both the countries, under immense pressure from their civilian citizens, have refused to toe the line of Isonia’s president and Kasban’s king. They have even appealed that both of them should step down. But they ….”

Lobhilal didn’t have patience to listen to Amar’s entire announcement and he intervened. He questioned, “Now since the war has stopped, and if the president of Isonia and king of Kasban really step down will you guys condone them and allow both of them freedom from your vanishing acts? If yes, then you should release me too. You know that I was trying my best through Gushnell to ask Hayan to declare the ceasefire on our southern border. Don’t you think I am also a messenger of peace like you guys?”

Amar clarified, “Lobhilal, don’t jump to conclusion. Listen carefully. Their own people have already jailed king of Kasban and president of Isonia. We will soon plan to bring them here to give you their company. They will also be put on trial along with you guys.”

Amar further told, “We have already tracked Richman and Takagin, the CEOs of the largest armament companies of Unon and Chinhut respectively. Soon arrangements will be made to bring them here along with other CEOs who are running the weapon designing, manufacturing, and marketing companies. Soon the international court will try them too.”

The captives were taken to their individual cells by the robots.

Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti left the place in their special vehicle.

All the above-mentioned proceedings of the June 1 meeting of the convicts with Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti were audio and video recorded.

In the video recordings the faces of Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti were obliterated. During the proceedings due care was taken to make sure that the names of Amar, Victor, Adarsh, and Shakti were not revealed in the conversations.

The June 1 meeting was very important to document all the wrong deeds of the convicts in a consolidated fashion. The meeting also aimed at getting the convicts to accept their crimes.

These recordings were sent to the media and the media shared it with the citizens of the entire planet without any editing.

The recordings were also sent to the judges of the international court- the judges who would try the convicts soon. The judges would use them as one more testimonial to arrive at their verdicts of the case against the criminals.